The Castle of Maraval

The spirit

The Castle of Maraval, in its current configuration, combines an architecture dating from the 15th century with a contemporary interior and modern facilities.
Beyond a sense of contrast, the evolution of this mansion is in harmony with the different eras and styles.
The decoration and themes of the rooms as well as the park, provide a reminder of the past.
The interior space (450 sqm / 4800 sq. ft) and the limited number of rooms - 4 - create an intimate and warm atmosphere for the guests.

The history of the Castle of Maraval

The first traces from Maraval date back to the 15th century, 1476 to be specific, when we hear from the land (fief) of Maraval. Several events have forged its current configuration, namely:
  • In the early 19th century, Maraval was largely destroyed by a fire and it is on the ruins of the old castle that was rebuilt the present mansion.
  • At the end of the 19th century, the castle welcomed Trappist Nuns who vacated the place in 1910.
  • In 1900, a fire destroyed the northwest barn where the nuns were producing chestnut chocolates. The nuns rebuilt a building opposite the castle that they named "Commanderie".
  • After the departure of the sisters, the new owner did enshrine in the woodwork of the current "Dali" lounge beautiful paintings on wood dating from the late 16th century representing the major stages of the life of Moses. These frescoes were taken from the Castle Bois-Normand.
The etymology of the name Maraval May indicate that this location dominates the surroundings areas so let yourself be drawn into this wonderful place, real island of serenity, well being and comfort.


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